Breaking News: E-Towers Famaba receives bronze medal in Vestas’ ‘Supplier of the Year’-contest.

supplier of the year 2014 (Large)

It was an exciting experience last week when E-Towers Famaba was informed by Vestas management to be one of the six nominated companies for the ‘Supplier of the year Award 2014’. This prestigious Vestas award is based on criteria such as Delivery & Quality Performance, Development Ability, Continuous Improvement and Showing Extraordinary Effort and over 15.000 suppliers in Vestas’ worldwide supply chain are evaluated.

Last Thursday evening it was Mr. Piotr Małagocki and Mr. Dennis Thomsen who participated in the final event where the award winning suppliers were officially announced. Being among the six selected companies was already an overwhelming success but as it turned out E-Towers occupied even the third (!) place in the final ranking!

According to Mr. Piotr Małagocki “E-Towers Famaba will make every effort to obtain ‘Best In Class’ manufacturing technologies and technical strength to contribute to further strengthen an already strong partnership with Vestas into the future.”

In today’s dynamic and demanding economic environment it’s more important than ever to have a team at E-Towers Famaba who is fully committed to quality and component reliability and consistently delivers high performance. As a ‘Supplier of the Year’-award winner we will have to push even harder to live-up to the expectations. I believe strongly that this will be leading to more collective successes in the future.” said Lieven Bauwens,  chairman of the supervisory board, E-Towers Famaba.


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