Annual Bulk Review: E-Crane featured twice


E-Crane has recently delivered a mid-stream transfer station for Seaboard Corp (US), for their Midema (Minoterie De Matadi, flour mill) ship unloading project in Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo. In Matadi, the farthest inland harbour on the Congo River, Seaboard was faced with major port congestion problems and outdated, neglected port infrastructure.

Seaboard Midema

North America

E-Crane International is currently installing barge handling systems for AEP Kyger Creek, AEP Clifty Creek and Power South (AEC Lowman) providing a complete solution to their material handling needs.According to the company their floating material handling platform is the ideal solution when there is no or little existing infrastructure, and when environmental issues prohibit the construction of a permanent infrastructure or if the client needs the flexibility a floating, moveable system offers.

E-Crane floating terminal keeps barges and crane at the same level regardless of river fluctuations. A continuous breasting cable keeps the barges from drifting. The Lowman E-Crane has a 25-yd bucket and can unload 1500 tons per hour

Source: World Port Development (Issue December 2008)


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