Amaggi purchased their 2nd E-Crane!

Amaggi, the biggest Brazilian grain and fertilizer trading company, has purchased their second E-Crane. This new E-Crane will operate in Porto Velho, RO in Brazil.

The demand for fertilizer has grown a lot over the last few years, which is why the customer has just completed construction of a brand new private port, which will be integrated logistically with their Itacoatiara, PA facilities.

E-Crane has supported the customer in designing an optimal layout, especially considering that the port suffers significant water level variation over the course of a year. The operation combines many modes of transport. Imported fertilizer is unloaded to barges in Itacoatiara by a 3000C Series E-Crane mounted on one of the biggest floating barges in operation in the market. Afterwards, these barges sail down the river to Porto Velho, RO where the new E-Crane will unload the fertilizer to a hopper (also mounted on the barge) that is connected to a mobile conveyor belt.  This conveyor takes the material to another conveyor belt on land, which will finally load trucks that transport the materials to farmers. The new E-Crane is a 1000C Series Model EC7290 PD-E to be installed on a barge which will be anchored to a floating pier. The E-Crane will be equipped with a 6 m3 grab, good for unloading fertilizer at 900 tph.

E-Crane technicians have assembled the crane in the shipyard.  Mechanical assembly took only four (4) days, followed by hydraulic and electrical connections.

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