5000th grab J&B Grijpers delivered to E-Crane Worldwide

Since 1990, J&B Grijpers B.V. is one of E-Crane’s main grab suppliers. Each E-Crane can be delivered to the customer with one or more grabs, each grab being custom designed for a specific job or commodity. We offer clamshell grabs for loading and offloading ships with bulk goods such as grain (sometimes there’s a separate grab for each density of grain), sugar, coal, limestone,… and orange peel grabs for the handling of scrap goods. Thanks to E-Crane’s quick change device, our clients can quickly switch grabs which allows them to handle many different types of goods.

This 5000th grab manufactured by J&B Grijpers is a hydraulic orange peel grab with 5 half-open arms and will be built in by E-Crane Worldwide on a 1000B Series, Model 7317 PD-E E-Crane that will be put to use in Bangladesh for scrap handling purposes. For this same E-Crane, J&B previously also delivered a clamshell grab for the handling of cement.

E-Crane Worldwide would like to use this opportunity to thank J&B Grijpers B.V. for the nice surprise, and we hope to continue working together for many more years to come realizing projects all over the world.

Mr. Joustra, General Manager at J&B Grijpers B.V., paid us a personal visit and brought along a tasty surprise.   From left to right: Sandy De Sutter & Kristof De Neve, Purchase Department E-Crane Worldwide- Edgar Joustra, General Manager J&B Grijpers B.V. - Geert Watteeuw & Lieven Bauwens, Executive Directors E-Crane Worldwide - Jan De Poorter & Sven De Vriendt, Design Department E-Crane Worldwide 

Click here for a link to the J&B Grijpers B.V. website.


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