3D-simulation helps optimizing scrap yard layout

3D-simulation helps optimizing scrap yard layout

3D-simulations of E-CranesT working in our customers yard are very helpfull in the process of finding the best possible position for our E-CranesT. As logistics are extremely important in the material handling business, a correct placement of our E-CraneT is crucial.

3D simulations have proven to be a great help.Customers are all excited about this new engineering and sales tool as it helps with:

  • 3D-views from any point in space
  • Views from within the operators cab
  • Simulations of reaching into a ships hold, feeding a shear or dumping coal into a hopper



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Optimizing E-Crane position in a Scrap Yard

Once again, buying an E-CraneT is more than just buying another piece of machinery
as we realy care for your logistics.

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