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10 years ago E-Crane® delivered the first barge and ship mounted E-Cranes to offload barges and small ships. E-Crane® has adapted this concept for the offloading of ships up to Panamax-class and has more than 15 units successfully operating world-wide.

Floating transloading terminals address a host of material handling needs that are present in today’s rapidly changing environment.

This concept offers the following benefits:

  • the complete terminal can be built and tested and then floated to its final destination
  • the terminal can be located at the closest possible location to the mine
  • at the preferred transfer point
  • near the end-user
  • and all this with limited local regulatory requirements
  • the complete terminal can be relocated quickly and cost effectively if required
  • the minimum investment combined with a short delivery time provides for an excellent return of investment
  • the option to have a floating buffer storage to smooth out any peaks and valleys between inbound and outbound material deliveries.

GMSV Floating Terminal

The GMSV floating terminal is located near a bauxite unloading facility along the Orinoco River in Venezuela. This floating terminal was developed to improve the bauxite unloading at the existing port in this important region of Venezuela. The previous system of bauxite unloading had several limitations: poor serviceability and availability of the existing unloading equipment as well as interference of barge unloading with ship loading since the existing dock was used by ships as well as barges.

The upgraded floating barge unloading terminal is now built around two equilibrium cranes mounted on an ocean going barge. The two E-Cranes unload all the bauxite for the nearby alumina producer (CVG Bauxilum). This material originates from the El Jobal mine located 650 km downriver and is transported by barge.

Source: www.marinelink.com


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