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Cutting coal handling costs with E-Crane

E-Crane continuously holds a strong position in the coal handling industry. This is no wonder, because their equilibrium balanced cranes were the very first of their kind. After 25 years of manufacturing, adding new features and further specializing, the E-Crane has evolved into what it is today. More than 100 E-Cranes are operating on all continents, handling all sorts of various bulk material. The coal industry in particular benefits from all of the advantages the E-Crane has to offer. Custom engineered to suit any coal facility When an E-Crane is purchased for a project, it all begins...

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Dry bulk unloading solutions at E-Crane Worldwide: Premier Cement Mills E-Cranes commmissioned

Designed specifically for barge and ship unloading, E-Crane is a proven and trusted solution in many dry bulk material handling industries. Most dedicated systems for offloading coal, limestone and other bulk materials are costly, inflexible and require an expensive, hard to maintain infrastructure. The versatile, flexible E-Crane is just the opposite. E-Crane’s modular design and custom solutions make it ideal for any bulk handling application. The standard E-Crane product line consists of five series of balanced hydraulic cranes (E-Cranes): 700...

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