Wayne B. Smith

Description of the E-Crane

In keeping with the philosophy of doing things better, Wayne B. Smith, Inc. was looking for ways to provide better service to their customers and gain an advantage over their competitors.

Mr. Jerry Smith, General Manger for WBS said the new E-Crane® would be used dockside to unload bulk commodities.

It has the potential to increase capacity, but the main reason we went with the E-Crane® was the ease of operation, efficiency and operator friendliness.

Mr. Jerry Smith – General Manger, Wayne B. Smith

The E-Crane® was commissioned in May of 2000. The Smith E-Crane® is the fifth “original E-Crane” installed for waterway cargo use. Five more installations are planned for this year.

Our Customers Say

The addition of the E-Crane® to our off-loading facility has greatly improved our versatility. Not only are we more productive and efficient in completing jobs we have done for years, we have started to find new applications that allow us to offer more material handling services to our customers. With the pinpoint accuracy of the E-Crane®, we have decreased the possibility of fugitive emissions while at the same time increasing worker safety.

Mr. Pat Short


Offloading bulk material from a barge


8.5 yd³ / 6,5m³ grab

Duty cycle capacity

Lift capacity

16.5 UStons / 15 Mtons


Mississippi River, Louisiana, MO, USA


Free standing pedestal

Power source

250-hp / 186kW electric motor


86.6 ft / 26,4m


1500 Series / 10264 PD-E

More Case Studies

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