Sherwin Alumina

Description of the E-Cranes

When Sherwin Alumina needed to find a replacement for their old Continous Ship Unloaders, research showed E-Crane® to be the perfect and reliable solution for their bauxite ship unloading needs. While the CSU’s are impressive mechanical designs, the reality of constant and high cost of maintenance along with poor reliability has caused major unloading delays and brought about huge demurrage costs.

The two E-Cranes were purchased fully assembled ready for pick-up at an offsite location for less than half of the cost of one of the old CSU’s new in the 1980’s. The average cycle time of the E-cranes is 60 seconds, and peaks of over 1000 wet metric tons per hour are reached. The fully customized E-Cranes were delivered to the customer’s dock exactly one year after the initial down payment. A special heavy lift shipping method was utilized to minimize downtime at the customer’s dock.

Immediately, the E-Cranes proved to be reliable and cost effective ship unloaders. No more demurrage costs, low maintenance costs, minimum downtime.

Our Customers Say

I wish all our equipment was working like the E-Cranes!

Bally Kissoon


Offloading Bauxite from Handymax and Panamax Ships


17 yd³ / 13 m³ Clamshell Grab

Duty cycle capacity

Lift capacity

32 UStons/ 29 Mtons each


Gregory Texas, USA


High Gantry on Rail

Power source

800-hp/600 kW Electric Motor


147.5 ft / 45 m


2x 2000 Series / 18450 GA-E

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