Seaboard – Midema

Harbor of Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa

  • Seaboard Midema

Technical Specifications

Type 1500 Series / 9359 B PD-E
Location Harbor of Matadi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa
Application Ship-to-Quay discharging of Handy and Handymax Vessels
Offloading Wheat into Hopper
Mount Barge Mounted
Lift Capacity 15 UStons/ 13,5 Mtons
Reach 117.5 ft/ 35,9 m
Attachment 12.5 yd³ / 9,5 m³ Clamshell Grab
Power Source 300-hp/ 225 kW Electric Motor

Description of the E-Crane

Seaboard operates grain processing and milling facilities throughout South America, the Carribean and Africa. For their MIDEMA (Minoterie de Matadi) flour mills operations in Matadi along the Congo River, they opted for a floating midstream ship unloading / transloading station for vessels up to Handymax size.

The E-Crane® team worked closely with the client during the development of the midstream transfer facility. Conceptual design studies were carried out in close cooperation with the customer to determine the optimum floating terminal concept with particular emphasis on the placement for maximum stability.

In all my years in engineering and purchasing equipment for jobs around the world, I have never encountered a supplier that was so determined and dedicated to find a practical solution. The Midema project was complex and difficult. The first suggestions offered by E-Crane® were possible but not practical due to lack of local infrastructure. The E-Crane® team continued to work on improving the concept until a commercially viable and practical solution was found and agreed on.

Jim GutschSenior Vice President of EngineeringSeaboard Corporation in Kansas City

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