Nucor General Recycling

Flowood, Mississippi, USA

  • Nucor General Recycling

Technical Specifications

Type 700 Series / 4264 PD-E
Location Flowood, Mississippi, USA
Application Feeding shredder
Mount Pedestal
Lift Capacity 7.2 UStons/ 6.5 Mtons
Reach 86.5 ft / 26,4 m
Attachment Young 3x2 Bypass Grapple
Power Source 150-hp/110 kW electric motor

Description of the E-Crane

Nucor General Recycling installed a 700 Series E-Crane® for feeding auto bodies into a shredder at their Flowood, Mississippi facility near Jackson. The shredder was previously fed by older material handler which was replaced with the new E-Crane®.

E-Crane® engineers worked with Nucor to develop a turn-key solution for removing the old crane and erecting the E-Crane® in its place. The E-Crane® is mounted on a 4-legged pedestal, with custom stairways to accommodate the infrastructure that had previously been surrounding the old crane. Complete assembly and installation, including the tear-down of the original crane, took only two weeks. The E-Crane® became operational shortly after installation and is capable of feeding 2 to 3 auto bodies into the shredder per cycle.

Nucor is well satisfied with the successful installation and their newly updated operation.

Our maintenance and operational teams are pleased with the performance and reliability of the E-Crane®. Buying the E-Crane® was the right decision.

Don LeMarManagerGeneral Recycling, USA

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