Metal X

Description of the E-Crane

1000C Series equilibrium crane central to MetalX’ new mega-shredder operation, to move more than 500,000 tons of materials yearly

MetalX, headquartered in Waterloo, Indiana, has begun operation of a new 5,000-hp mega-shredder at the company’s recently established greenfield site in Delta, Ohio. In December, 2018, MetalX also installed a new E-Crane® 1000C Series Model EC7317 PD-E stationary equilibrium crane, equipped with a 3.5 cubic meter scrap grapple. Since installation, the E-Crane® has been used to move and stockpile material in preparation for the shredder startup. Now that the shredder is operational, the E-Crane® will be used primarily to feed the shredder at a rate of up to 300 tons per hour.

The E-Crane® 1000C Series Model EC7317 PD-E now in use at MetalX also has a maximum outreach of up to 31.7 metres and a maximum duty cycle capacity of about 10 tons. The machine uses a 200 kW main motor, can stockpile scrap up to 90 feet high, and provides over 60,000 cubic metres (80,000 yd3) of scrap storage capacity around its base. With the large outreach and high stockpiling ability of the E-Crane, enough scrap can be stored within reach of the E-Crane® to feed the shredder for over 65 hours.”

“The E-Crane is the most impressive piece of equipment I have operated: from its long 100-plus feet of reach and massive grapple that will stack scrap over 90 feet, to its user friendly controls.”

Tyler Inbody MetalX, Operator

“We developed a collaborative relationship with team members of E-Crane through the early planning stages of our mega scrap processing yard in Delta, OH.
E-Crane’s commitment to quality during design and fabrication including installation and service has been outstanding.”

Clyde Billips MetalX, Vice President of Ferrous Operations