Kinder Morgan Port Sutton

Description of the E-Crane

Kinder Morgan installed a 1500 Series E-Crane® to replace an old, diesel powered cable crane at their Port Sutton dry bulk fertilizer terminal in Tampa, Florida.  The E-Crane® increased ship unloading capacity and decreased down time and maintenance costs dramatically.

According to project manager, Robert Desselles, “Our old cable crane presented various operational and maintenance issues.  For one thing, we used an extensive amount of diesel fuel.  The E-Crane® uses electric power, so we’ve gained a major cost savings there. Also, the maintenance of the old crane was beginning to interfere with our production, and the repairs were often expensive.” E-Crane® worked closely with Kinder Morgan and their engineering firm on the project, and provided complete, detailed drawings throughout the process. The 1500 Series met the needs at Port Sutton, and shortly after installation, they began to see results. The first ships unloaded by the E-Crane® went smoothly. According to Robert, “The clamshell grab gives excellent penetration into the fertilizer with maximum fill.”

“We have been extremely pleased with E-Crane® equipment and personnel right form the get-go and through all phases of the project.” 

“We could not have unloaded the ship with the old crane, but we had no problem with our new E-Crane…”

Robert Desselles Kinder Morgan, Project Manager