Biga, Turkey

Description of the E-Crane

In 2007 IÇDAŞ set out to look for an alternative for their fleet of hydraulic material handlers. While they recognized the advantages a hydraulic material handler offers compared to rope cranes, the limited machine life in combination with high operating cost made them look for a suitable alternative.

This is why they got in touch with E-Crane® who could offer an alternative with both a much longer life as well as lower operating cost. In 2008 the first E-Crane® was delivered to IÇDAŞ’ Biga steel mill soon followed by an identical unit in 2009.

The crawler mounted E-Cranes® are used for different purposes: from unloading vessels (coasters to Supramax size), stockpiling operation to loading baskets for heavy transprters. Over 80% of the time the machines are directly connected to the available shore power, reducing the operating cost even further.

Since the E-Cranes® were put into service both machines worked over 5,000 hours per year, with the oldest crane getting close to 60,000 hours!

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