Biga, Turkey

  • 3000 Series E-Crane at ICDAS, Turkey

Description of the E-Crane

IÇDAŞ, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey had already two E-Cranes® working in the extremely harsh and dusty environment of the steel mill’s harbour and scrap yard when they decided to order a 3000 Series E-Cranes®.

The new E-Crane® scrap giant was put into operation at the state-of-the-art IÇDAŞ steel mill in Biga. This impressive 3000 Series E-Crane® has changed the skyline of the steel mill and is now the heart of the scraplogistics between the port and the steel mill. The total weight of this fixed pedestal E-Crane® is 647 tons. A duty cycle capacity of 33 Mtons (36.3 UStons) combined with an outreach of 47,8 m (156.8 ft) is required for a very special job: transferring all scrap from the harbor to the scrap loading station that is located over 43 m (141 ft) higher. This E-Crane® application replaces hundreds of heavy-haul truck loads per day.

After four weeks of continuous and trouble-free operation the E-Crane® accumulated over 600 working hours, how about 24/7 operation! With fast cycles and a net payload of 20 tons time and again this exciting E-Crane® project once more confirms that E-Crane® is the only choice for ‘serious’ scrap handling.

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