Harsco Metals – Acindar

Villa Constitución, Argentina

  • 1000 Series E-Crane at Harsco Metal's Acindar steel mill in Argentina

Technical Specifications

Type 1000 Series / 7317 B PD-E
Location Acindar Steel Mill,
Villa Constitución, Argentina
Application Unloading trucks
Loading scrap baskets
Feeding 4000-hp shredder
Mount Pedestal mounted
Lift Capacity 8 UStons / 7Mtons
Reach 104 ft / 31,7m
Attachment 3.92yd³ / 3m³ orange peel grab
Power Source 250-hp / 200kW electric motor

Description of the E-Crane

Electric arc furnace (EAF) steel mills like Acindar rely on a steady stream of baskets filled with scrap metal to be ready as feedstock every hour of every day that the mill is up and running. Supporting Acindar’s plans to further increase production and efficiency, Harsco Metals ordered two new E-Cranes, to play a key role in their comprehensive on-site scrap management services.

In July 2007, the 1000B Series E-Crane® was installed next to the 700 Series E-Crane® at the villa Constitución plant. Both cranes have been designed in close cooperation with Harsco Metals’ Acindar project team and are delivered on a turn-key basis. Together with the new shredder these cranes now form the backbone of Harsco Metals’ scrap catering and scrap catering and scrap processing activities for Acindar.

Harsco Metals’ on site Project Manager, Mr. François Schaeffer was extremely pleased with the on-time delivery and safe erection of the crane and he confirmed that “Working closely together with the E-Crane® crew in this complex and time-critical project has been a real pleasure.”

After successful installations in European and Asian steel mills, this project was seen as a new and important milestone by E-Crane® management: “It clearly shows E-Crane’s firm commitment to provide the steel industry worldwide with solutions for their scrap handling activities such as unloading, stockpilling and loading.”

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