Cargill Fertilizer

Minnesota, MN, USA

  • 1000 Series E-Crane at Cargill Savage
Location: Port Cargill - Minnesota, MN, USA
Application: Offloading bulk material from a barge

Description of the E-Crane

The Cargill Fertilizer facility in Savage Minnesota needed to reduce operating costs and increase the volume produced by their barge offloading operation. A conventional cable crane and rope operated bucket had been the offloading method at “Port Cargill” facility for years, but increasing safety concerns, repair costs and poor reliability made it clear that a change was needed.

The E-Crane is a key piece of equipment in the improvement of our Port Cargill facility. This crane combined with a planned upgrade for the hopper and conveyors will substantially improve the productivity of Port Cargill.

Ricky CarlsonEngineering ManagerCargill

Lisa Brickey , Terminal Superintendent said: “The E-Crane design is perfect for an operation such as ours. Its efficient operation is a major step to increasing our volume.”

The E-Crane at Port Cargill was commissioned in September 2000 and is mounted on a freestanding pedestal with 81 feet of outreach. After two days Lisa Brickey reported: “We were at a 31 second cycle today while we were DT’ing (Direct Transferring) a salt barge. Now we need to get the trucks to drive faster.”

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