Description of the E-Crane

In 2012, Calportland was the successful bidder from Seattle Tunneling Partners to unload and process approximately 2.2 million tons of tunneling spoil. The project is the replacement of a double deck above ground highway named “Alaskan Way Viaduct” (SR99) with a tunnel 57.5 feet in diameter approximately 2 miles long underneath the city of Seattle.

The tunneling machine is the world’s largest ever built and was supplied by a Japanese firm, Hitachi Zosen Corp.

To dispose of the tunneling spoil, Calportland engineered and built a temporary offloading system, located at Mats Mats quarry north of Port Ludlow WA. Here, the tunneling spoil (muck) will be barged from Seattle, offloaded by two floating E-Cranes and then conveyed into an abandoned stone quarry. Each E-Crane® has an average unloading rate of more than  600 tons per hour.

The project was led by Craig Ovely, project manager, who directed the design, engineering, fabrication, supply, delivery and commissioning of the two barge mounted E-Cranes and conveying equipment. As are most projects, this one was especially cost and schedule sensitive. “the E-Crane® team followed through on promises and delivered quality equipment at a very competitive price”.

The E-Cranes are working great and our operators are very productive and efficient.

Jim TweedyManagerSeattle Tunneling Partners, USA

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