B&N Coal

Marietta, OH

  • 1000 Series E-Crane at B&N Coal, Ohio, USA

Technical Specifications

Type 1000 Series / 7264 PD-E
Location Ohio River in Marietta, OH
Application Offloading coal from barges
Mount Pedestal on four cells in the river bank
Lift Capacity 16.5 UStons / 15 Mtons
Reach 86.6 ft / 26,4m
Attachment 8.5 yd³ / 6,5m³ grab
Power Source 200-hp / 160 kW electric motor
E-Crane at the Ohio River in Marietta, OH
Type 7264 PD-E
Application: Offloading coal from barges
Drawing of the Grab Shell

Description of the E-Crane

When new emission laws mandated B&N Coal to blend low-sulfur coal at this plant, they explored several options on how to most efficiently meet that requirement. The coal, arriving by barge, had to be offloaded into hoppers feeding the Power Plant.

Initially we researched upgrading older cable cranes we own. Then we looked at new cable cranes. But, once we priced out the E-Crane, there wasn’t any choice — this just made the most sense.

Carl BakerPresidentB&N Coal

Since the E-Crane’s installation in September 1999, it has met or exceeded all productivity expectations. Situated on fixed cells, the crane with its parallelogram designed boom, effortlessly handles all water fluctuations.

Of all the benefits that this E-Crane offers, Carl has most impressed with its ease of operation. “Two of our operators had never run a crane before. Also, after only two days of training, the crane operators were offloading coal at over 500 tons per hour. It’s doing a super job.”

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