Peavey Products

Minnesota, MN, USA

  • 1000 Series E-Crane on crawlers at Peavey Products, USA
Location: St. Paul - Minnesota, MN, USA
Application: Offloading bulk material from a barge
Lift Capacity: 10 UStons / 9.1 Mtons
Transport Drawing of the Peavey Products Crane

Description of the E-Crane

ConAgra Foods, dba The Peavey Company in St. Paul Minnesota has purchased a 1000 Series, Model 7264 E-Crane® for use at the at Red Rock Terminal. The crane was installed in February 2001 by ECI – USA, Indusign, and Crane & Machinery, the regional service dealer.

This Equilibrium Crane (E-Crane®) is a mobile unit mounted on crawler tracks. The main hydraulic pumps are electrically driven with power provided by a Caterpillar Diesel Generator Set. The mobile crane allows for operations in several locations around the Red Rock Terminal.

The applications for our E-Crane® are endless… There are lots of things that we can do with this machine to improve our operation. We could be handling rebar on a custom spreader on Monday and at the barge dock offloading fertilizer on Tuesday.

Rick KrauseTerminal SuperintendentPeavey Products

The day operator, Ken says, “the E-Crane® is a huge improvement for barge offloading compared to the previous lattice boom machine we had.”

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