Lowman Power Plant

PowerSouth Energy, LeRoy, Alabama, USA

  • Lowman Power Plant

Technical Specifications

Type 2000 Series / 18264 PD-E
Location LeRoy, Alabama, USA
Application Offloading coal and limestone from barges
Mount Barge Mounted
Lift Capacity 30 UStons/ 27 Mtons
Reach 86.6 ft / 26,4 m
Attachment 25 yd³ / 19 m³ Clamshell Grab
Power Source 600-hp / 450 kW Electric Motor

Description of the E-Crane

When PowerSouth Energy Cooperative upgraded its Lowman Power Plant on the Tombigbee River for flue gas desulfurization (FGD), E-Crane® offered a turnkey solution to the increased material unloading and river level problems: an E-Crane® floating terminal consisting of two barges (2000 Series E-Crane® and conveyor back-up), a hopper, a barge-haul system, and a barge-breasting system.

E-Crane® maintenance is simple, quick and easy. The E-Crane® is much safer and more reliable than the old gantry rope crane. And the E-Crane® system is easy to operate, so the fatigue factor is less. With the floating terminal, the barges are always at the same level as the E-Crane® making it easy to bring them into position, unload them, and move them on.

Mike BartonUtility SupervisorPowersouth Energy

The E-Crane® system has cut our unloading time in half, cut our maintenance time dramatically, and just generally simplified our lives and reduced our costs substantially.

Tom NobleDepartment SupervisorPowersouth Energy

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