Mulzer Crushed Stone

Technical Specifications

Type EH900 / Model EH8248 PD-E
Location Dunbar, West Virginia, USA
Application Barge Unloading
Mount Barge
Lift Capacity 13,6 Mtons/15.0 UStons
Reach 24,8 m / 81.5 ft
Attachment 3,0 m³/ 3.9 yd3 Hydraulic Clamshell Grab
Power Source 132 kW / 177 hp Electric Motor

Description of the E-Crane

After three years of successful operation of their 1500 Series barge mounted E-Crane, Mulzer Crushed Stone ordered their second barge mounted E-Crane in 2014 for their Shamblin Stone operation in Dunbar, WV. This machine is used for unloading barges of aggregate. The E-Crane unloads the material directly into a hopper, located on an adjacent barge to the E-Crane barge. Because the E-Crane is barge mounted, Mulzer has the flexibility to transport the entire barge unloading system to wherever they need to perform barge unloading operations.

The E-Crane balanced design is based on a parallelogram style boom which provides a direct mechanical connection between the counterweight and the load. This ensures that the E-Crane remains in a nearly perfectly balanced state throughout its entire working range. This balance principle makes the E-Crane ideal for barge mounting. Because the E-Crane is always in a balanced state, there is very minimal listing and movement of the barge while the E-Crane operates.

The machine has been performing well since installation in 2015, and Mulzer is happy with the success of the project.

E-Crane is very proud to have Mulzer as a repeat customer, and is looking forward to continuing to work with this great company.

“The machine is performing well and meeting our expectations. Normally when we commission a new machine there are always some issues to work out. With E-Crane, those issues were addressed quickly and the machine is operating very smoothly. We have since purchased our third E-Crane and are expecting it to be delivered this week.”

Mr. Don GengelbachEquipment ManagerMulzer Crushed Stone

“Unloading as much as 4500 tons in a 10 hour shift is not a problem for this model 8248 E-Handler, we are very satisfied with this material handler after unloading 142 barges with it.”

Mr. Robert CaruthersShamblin Stone