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E-Crane: impressive cranes from a small country

With 30 years of experience in manufacturing balanced cranes, E-Crane has undoubtedly reached a market leading position in the industry. E-Crane was founded in Belgium and has been built slowly but surely on its strong reputation in the heavy-duty material handling equipment and has numerous satisfied references across the world. As 2013 is coming to an end it has once again been a very successful year for the Belgian company. Here is a compliation of only the most recent installations and a look ahead at what is to come in 2014.

Volga Shipping


A new balanced material handler has been recently installed onto a floating terminal in the port of Kazan for the Russian company Volga Shipping. It is being used for gravel and sand unloading. The MH900 Series has an outreach of 26.4m (86.5ft) and a duty cycle capacity of 9.5 metric tonne (10.5 US tons). This installation was a milestone for E-Crane as it was the first E-Crane ever installed in Russia.

Phoenix Services


At the end of October, two new 1000 Series rail-mounted E-Cranes were installed at the Galati scrap yard, supplier to the ArcelorMittal steel mill, in Romania. They both have a maximum outreach of 31.7m (104ft) and a duty cycle capacity of 10 metric tonnes (11 US tons). Both E-Cranes will be unloading scrap from railcars, stockpiling and sorting the scrap before loading charge baskets with the correct mix of scrap to be processed at the steel mill.

Mongla Cement


Bangladesh E-Crane has really begun to set the standard in Bangladesh for cement handling equipment. After several other E-Cranes going up in Bangladesh, it is no wonder that Mongla Cement chose the E-Crane for offloading its cement clinker from barges to the dockside. It chose the smaller 700 Series with an outreach of 29.0m (65ft) and a duty cycle capacity of 5.5mt (6.0 US tons). The E-Crane is pedestal mounted and it will load the cement clinker into  a fixed hopper on the dock.

Third E-Crane for Bashundhara 


The Bashundhara Group has recently ordered a third E-Crane for handling material at their cement grinding mill. The first two E-Cranes installed at the facility were two 1000 Series. The third E-Crane is an even larger pedestal mounted 1500B Series with an outreach of 26,4m (86.5 ft) and a duty cycle capacity of 15 Mton (16.5 UStons).



Earlier this month a 700 Series E-Crane was installed at GenOn Energy, Inc in Newburg, Maryland, USA (about 50 miles south of Washington DC).This new E-Crane has an outreach of 24,7m (81 ft) and a duty cycle capacity of 5,5 Mtons (6.0 UStons). It is used to unload gypsum from rail cars into a nearby hopper.  The material deposited into the hopper is then transported back to the plant by conveyor.

Kinder Morgan 3


Kinder Morgan placed an order for an E-Crane early in 2013 for their International Marine Terminals (IMT) facility in Port Sulphur, LA near New Orleans as a part of a multi-phase expansion of the terminal. Kinder Morgan is very pleased with the success of their new machine. They have already placed an order for a second, identical E-Crane to add to their facility at IMT. This E-Crane will be dock mounted and will also be used for barge cleaning operations. Fred Pope, Project Manager at Kinder Morgan, summarizes, “The E-Crane design and operating flexibility is ideal for our needs at International Marine Terminal. E-Crane offered to provide the crane with a custom modified barge and managed the procurement, fabrication, assembly, commissioning, and training on a turn-key basis. We’re very pleased with the finished product which is now in service. A second fixed E-Crane has also been ordered for use at IMT.”

Terminal 6 S.A.


In October, a brand new 1500 Series pedestal mounted E-Crane was installed at Terminal 6 S.A. in Argentina on the Paraná River near Rosario. The new E-Crane has an outreach of 26,4 m (86.5 ft) and a lift capacity of 19 Mtons (20.9 UStons). The crane is being used to unload soy beans as well as various other grains from Mississippi and Paraná sized barges into a hopper/conveyor system. Soy beans were originally unloaded at the facility using a diesel driven cable crane along with a small material handler. Each machine was achieving a production rate of about 400 tph. Terminal 6 S.A. considered many different material handling options, but ultimately chose the E-Crane to maximize their operation. The cable crane was removed from the site and the new E-Crane was installed in its place. The E-Crane is mounted directly onto a new addition to the existing dock.

Harsco Brasil


Harsco Brasil

A new E-Crane was recently installed and commissioned at the Harsco scrap yard in Brazil near São Paulo.  The new E-Crane is a pedestal mounted 1000 Series with a maximum outreach of 31,7 meters (104 ft) and a maximum lift capacity of 13,6 Mton (15.0 USton) and will be used to handle scrap at the facility.

The Harsco scrap yard is a supplier to the ArcelorMittal steel mill. The scrap handled at the Harsco yard fills the trucks which then go to the steel mill to be processed. The E-Crane will be utilized at the scrap yard to feed a shredder, shear, and pre-shredder. The shredder is currently installed at the scrap yard and foundation work has begun on the shear and pre-shredder. The E-Crane currently feeds the shredder, which has a target capacity of 20,000 tons per month. Full operation will not begin at the facility until 2014 when the pre-shredder and shear are installed and are completely operational. The new E-Crane will replace at least three small material handlers at the site. According to the installation team on-site:

“Harsco is very happy with the setup and with the capacity of the crane. They are really impressed with the amount of material that the crane can move within a short time, especially compared to their previous equipment.”

Source: Dry Cargo International, November issue 2013

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