"The versatility of the E-Crane™is the key for our success in the future ..."
Customer: BERRY
Type: 18450 CR-D
Location: Corpus Christi, TX (USA)
Application: Off-loading Iron Ore from ocean going ships 
(Panamax size)

General cargo handling.
Mount: High portal gantry on crawlers
Lifting Capacity: 27 UStons / 24.5 Mtons
Reach:  147 ft / 45 m
Attachment:  Heavy duty 8.5 yd3 / 6.5 m3 grab for iron ore
Power Source: 800-hp / 597 kW Caterpillar diesel engine
Productivity:  Free digging rate of 1000 ton/hr.

The Biggest E-Crane (Balance Crane) ever built is in service at the Port of Corpus Christi in Texas, USA, at the Berry Dock West facility. The crane is able to work ships up to 80,000 DWT, the operating capacity in grab mode (duty cycle work) is 27 UStons / 24.5 Mtons. Maximum outreach is as much as 147 ft / 45 m. When fitted with a hook instead of a grab, the crane has a capacity of 32 UStons / 29 Mtons. Attachments can be changed with a quick change device, allowing the crane to be switched readily to general cargo products.

The crane's main task, however, is to unload iron ore out of panamax size ships at the terminal, and the crane is equipped with a specially designed heavy duty hydraulic grab. The crane mounting is a high portal gantry on crawlers making it possible for the crane to work both on the quay (loading and offloading ships) and in the yard (stockpiling, loading dumper trucks,...). In both cases the design of the lower allows traffic underneath the crane and when working along the quay, the crane is straddling a conveyor belt while offloading material into a hopper.

To optimize the driver's line of sight, the operator's cab, located 46 ft/14 m above quay level, can be moved hydraulically forward, down, and up.

As Mr. Michael Berry, Terminal Manager at Berry Dock West, expressed ,"The versatility of the E-Crane, together with the new quay, is the key for our success in the future... Please activate Java... "



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