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Type E-Crane: 1000 Series
Type Grab: Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab
JHT Half Open (5 tines)
Capacity: 1.56 yd3 / 1,2 m3
Application: Scrap Processing
Density: Up to 0.8 USton / yd3
1 Mton / m3
Weight: 6545 lbs / 2975 kg

- Length Closed
- Length Open
- Height Closed
- Height Open

1977 mm / 77.7/8"
2762 mm / 108.3/4"
2632 mm / 103.5/8"
2855 mm / 112.3/8"
Special Features:

Reinforced Protection Cage
High Manganese Round Steel

E-Crane International offers a proven series of Orange Peel Grapples specifically designed for the rugged scrap-processing environment.
These Grapples are available in two series - the "JHT" Series for lighter materials and the "JHS" for heavier materials. This proven Grapple
design is an ideal match for use with the "E" Equilibrium Crane™ as well as other conventional scrap processing material handlers.

Special Features Include:

  • Open, Semi-Open, or Closed Tine Design
  • Capacity (Closed) ranging from 0.7 yd3 to 3.9 yd3
  • “Sharp” Tooth design for excellent penetration and retention of material
  • Hardox 400 high strength / wear resistant teeth construction with “high manganese” round steel reinforcements on the internal tooth
    edges and Hardox 500 tooth tips.
  • Cylinders with oversize spherical bearings and integrated “double lip” seals
  • Cylinders have a design pressure of 5075 psi but operate at less than 4000 psi. All fittings, connections, and packings are compatible
    with working pressures to 5000 psi. Mechanical stops at both ends of stroke prevent cylinder damage from bottoming out.
  • Pivot Points use inductive hardened oversize CrMo pins and through hardened steel bushings
  • Reinforced, extra strong mechanical protection for the grapple body
  • Unique Oil Distribution System - a nearly indestructible oil distribution ring for pressure and return is built integral with the central body
    for oil distribution to each cylinder with the most efficient routing and minimum connections.
  • Designed and built by E-Crane International, a world leader in scrap processing and bulk material handling equipment.


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